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Anyone can publish their article on

Before publication, each article is manually moderated. To successfully pass this stage, the article must comply with the following simple rules:

  1. We are quite loyal to the advertising of your own projects. You can link to your own services, tell how you did your project, share stories. But the article must also provide value to the community. If the article consists of two advertising paragraphs with links to third-party resources, it will not pass moderation;
  2. The topic of the article should be about development. This can be software development, marketing and any other related areas. If you have any doubts that the topic of the article falls into the described conditions, it is better to first coordinate it with me using the contacts on this page;
  3. The text must be unique, not previously published anywhere;
  4. The article must be written by you. An exception is the translation of the article. If the text is a translation, there should be a link to the original at the beginning of the article;
  5. When borrowing article elements from other sources, you must refer to the original;
  6. The article should not contain insults to specific people or companies. You can just use foul language for a more accurate transfer of sensations.