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PHP course for beginners

Learning the basics of PHP programming

What you get after taking the PHP for beginners course

In this course, you will learn the basics of PHP and the most requested features of the language. This course is designed to teach programming beginners and contains detailed text instructions.

In this course, I also tried to cover the basic principles of development in general as much as possible, not focusing only on the PHP language. Often this knowledge is lacking for most people who first encounter programming. Many students, after completing several lessons, say that they have not yet met more understandable courses.

Learning begins with how PHP works in general. Describes modern tools and approaches. And, of course, homework is given, which I personally check. Here we will install a local web server, learn how to work in the IDE, and, of course, write our first full-fledged applications in PHP, for example, a photo album.

This course will allow you to master the basic principles in PHP, without which no future developer can do. Here you will get the necessary foundation that will allow you to go further by exploring more interesting and complex topics in the world of programming.

Course program

Level 1. Introduction to PHP Course for Beginners

Level 2. Setting up the environment

Level 3. Development Basics

What PHP is for as a beginner programmer

PHP for a beginner programmer

Anyone can learn how to create simple sites using the HTML markup language, for example, one-page landing pages or business card sites. However, if you want to create a more complex site with at least a few dozen pages, you will soon run into problems. For example, if you want to add another element to the site menu, you will have to change each HTML page, performing the same actions - only in this case this menu item will appear on all pages of the site. In addition, if you want to edit the text of an article, you will have to open the source code of the page in the code editor and change it, and then upload the updated version of the page to the hosting. Agree, this is not the most convenient option.

All the problems described above can be solved using the PHP scripting language. With its help, such a site component as a menu can be taken out, for example, into a separate file and connected automatically on all pages. If you need to add a new link to the menu, it will be enough to add it in only one place, and after that there will be a new menu on all pages of the site.

In addition, you can make one single page in PHP for all pages of the site - something like a template in which you will need to substitute only different text, depending on the address at which the visitor is currently on the site. And the texts of articles will be stored separately - either in the form of files, or in a database. If we want to change the text of an article or add new material on the site, we can create another PHP page that will do just that. This will allow you to manage the site materials directly in the browser, even from the phone, from anywhere in the world (where there is Internet, of course).

The PHP language allows you to create dynamically filled pages, as opposed to static HTML pages. It makes the website management process easier and less costly. Our PHP for beginners online course will help you master the basics of this scripting language and learn how to create dynamic sites that are easy to maintain.

Why PHP developers are needed now

PHP advantages over other programming languages

The overwhelming majority of companies now consider having their own website as a prerequisite for the development and expansion of their business. In addition, most areas of our life are rapidly being automated, from food delivery services to online banking services.

That is why the services of PHP developers are in consistently high demand, and specialists in this area are in demand everywhere. PHP is one of the most popular and demanded programming languages today. It is used to create a huge number of Internet resources, including popular social networks, blogs and popular online services.

What are the benefits of our courses?

Benefits of starting learning programming with
  • Learn at an affordable price. I know perfectly well that the financial capabilities of most beginners do not allow them to spend tens of thousands of rubles on courses. To study at WebShake.RU, you only need your desire and perseverance.
  • Get knowledge for getting a job. The course program is compiled by programmers who earn their living by professional development. The course is focused on gaining real knowledge used in combat conditions, and not memorizing a theory that no one needs.
  • Take the course at any time convenient for you. This allows the most efficient allocation of such a limited resource as time.
  • Acquire new knowledge in the field of creating sites without being tied to a specific place. You have access to the materials presented on my resource from anywhere where there is the Internet.

How do PHP developer courses go?

php developer courses details

The program is designed in such a way that learning PHP programming is available to both absolute beginners and people with certain knowledge and skills in this area. The course is divided into levels, and they, in turn, into lessons, arranged in an order of increasing difficulty. In the PHP course, lessons are articles supplemented with video tutorials. In addition, you can get answers to your questions in the comments to the lesson. At the end of each lesson, homework is presented, the completion of which will allow you to consolidate the knowledge gained and work out their practical application.

You can explore topics in different order. However, I recommend that you go through the lessons in the order in which they are posted on the site. So it will be much easier for you to understand the material without encountering topics that have not yet been studied on your way.

Still have questions?

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